The tugboat´s main mission is to help on maneuver of docking and undocking of ships, the tugboats tow ships for its input and output ports, and placing them in places where they will conduct their activity.

These boats must have a great driving force, stability and starting speed to get more maneuverability.

Icebreakers are designed to break the ice on the sea surface during the winter, to break the ice inside the ports, to make towing maneuvers in rescue operations and to make way for other vessels in the polar regions.

FLUIDMECANICA has a large experience in the design and manufacture of deck equipment (winches, cranes,…) for this type of boat without limit to shooting and speed, and we adjust the machinery to customer´s needs, as well as to extreme environmental conditions.

Spooling gear
Towing winch
Waterfall towing winch