The intended use of the thruster is to help during mooring operations and increase the steering of the vessel.

FLUIDMECANICA has a long experience in government systems (steering gears and bow thrusters).

The thruster delivered by Fluidmecanica will be supplied, under request, with interface with auto pilot and with Dynamic Position System.

The electric drive includes a frequency converter to achieve a 0 to 100% speed regulation. The frequency converter is adequate for the smooth regulation and fast response necessary to meet often and fast docking operations.

FLUIDMECANICA made bow thrusters up to 1000 kW with hydraulic or electric drives.

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FLUIDMECANICA has designed and supplied servo rudders since 1977. From the smaller systems of 1.6 kNm to the biggest one of 1600 kNm we keep the care of each component, to meet the quality and needs of our customer.

As own designers we can develop special configurations requested by customers.

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