FLUIDMECANICA elaborates day by day the concept of total quality with our management system based on the concept of continuous improvement and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements that apply in the development of our activity and related Environment and pollution prevention.

The Quality System and Environment implemented is developed under the standards: UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001, and its fundamental principles are:

  • Achievement of full satisfaction of customer´s needs and expectations.
  • Development of a process of continuous improvement in all activities and processes carried out in the company.
  • Total commitment of directive, and active leadership of all executive team.
  • Participation of all organization members and promotion of teamwork toward a total quality management.
  • Involvement of our suppliers in the management system, because their role is fundamental to achieve the objectives of the system.
  • Identification and management of key organizational processes, to remove the structural barriers of these processes.
  • Make decisions based on data and facts.
  • Prevent, minimize and delete pollution and environmental impacts with adverse effects on the environment.

FLUIDMECANICA’s philosophy of Quality and Environment makes that all the personal is implicated.

FLUIDMECANICA has the following official certification of Quality and Environment:

Quality Certificate Download PDF

Certificate of Environmental Management Download PDF

Download Quality and Environmental Policy PDF

Download Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Download Russian River Register